Friday 2 December 2011

058 Lasnamäe 23.02.2006

I discovered that I have so little threads of Lasnamäe here! I have to add something at once! And I start with older photos as with Mustamäe. I hadn't lived a month in Tallinn when I made this thread. I worked in Kadriorg back then and the working day was 3 hours shorter because of the free day next day, Estonia's freedom day. And I used the chance and made my first phototour to Lasnamäe!

These feelings come back to me when I recall that trip. I am in my dream city and in my dreamiest part of city, in a blockjungle! It was so satisfying to see all that around me... Here it is.

I was a bit shocked when I saw these four buildings about 1.5 years ago first time.

Wow! There was only one similar place in Tartu (where I came from) - when you walk over the railway bridge close to the Pauluse church and watch down on the Riia street in the center direction.


Wow, this is just amazing, amazing... So awesome view! There will be summer views later in this blog.

The Tornimäe towers are under construction in the center.

I didn't know that this is the new art museum Kumu.

On Valge (White) street, both houses and the ground are white!

Nice new blocks!

Depends on who looks at this, it may be very depressing picture, but also something that makes one happy.

I think these are on the street called Liikuri, which was just translated from Russian version that was in use originally, Dvigatel, before 1991.

As I wrote in a forum for this picture once: the Sun goes down and commieblocks fall asleep...

Brand new block under construction. I don't like the colour combination here. If there only were green instead of red!

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