Saturday 26 November 2011

054 Torupilli and Kadriorg in spring 2008

Some pictures from central Tallinn, from the areas of Torupilli (between Narva road and Gonsiori street) and Kadriorg. There are many nice blocks from 70's and 80's. I imagine that they replaced old wooden houses. But they are so goodlooking by the architecture that... I am really happy about them! Especially about those that are not yet renovated/refurbushed/whatever.

First mostly Torupilli area.

The radio-house.

Just amazing!

Amazing again!

And again.

And again...

And again!!!

I visited a newly built are between Narva road and the sea.

Amazing views are there! "Blocks" are modern, and I don't know the technique of the buildings whether they are blocks at all, but there are rectangular patterns, nice architecture, and I like that.

That is just awesome!

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