Tuesday 8 November 2011

040 Viljandi 22.07.2011, part I of V

I visited Viljandi this summer and it was just amazing! I really like the brick- and blockbuildings over there! I saw several new kinds of buildings! And there were even some 9-floorers! Only good memories from that trip! Since I have 339 pictures to put online, I'll do that in five parts. Here we go!

A big hospital, picture made from the bus window when I arrived to Viljandi.

Sorry, I got it tilted.

Old Niva, I like that car.

The first 9-floorer. Very goodlooking! It is actually at the edge of a lake.

Now I entered another block-area, little and low.

Fantastic! So simple and beautiful. There are similar buildings in Põlva. Actually that looks like made in Põlva!

That looks amazing!

This one looks especially good!

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