Monday 7 November 2011

038 Elva 15.07.2010

A little trip to Elva, a small town about 25 kilometers south from Tartu. Very beautiful, green, small, has three lakes (or even more), I have nice memories with it... I walked here from Nõo, the path Nõo->Elva is one of the most amazing! I remember it was terribly hot but eventually I got a shower. Actually I didn't make any special blockbuilding tour, and I have never done that, I just grasped a little bit that was on my way.

The nature around the road between Nõo and Elva is absolutely amazing, I just put some final views here that are really related to Elva. The bridge goes to Elva which is on the left. The road itself goes to Valga.

I really like that bridge!

You are welcome!

You can see these three lakes on the map, the third one is on the lower right corner (or even third and fourth, the fourth is rather like a big pond).

I think that is like a symbol of Elva. Pretty unique style.

It started drizzling here.

Wonderful building (Elva Hospital)!

On my way back to Tartu, on the bus. I was so wet that I took off my T-shirt and squeezed it in the back seat, it was just soaked. And I grasped these views from the bus window.

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