Tuesday 8 November 2011

043 Viljandi 22.07.2011, part IV of V

Now I enter the biggest block-area: Männimäe!


Unique architecture again.

First time I see something like that!

They are a bit similar with buildings in Võru.

There's a long row of 'em!

Another soviet-time car.


Can you believe that?! It is absolutely awesome!


Unique 9-floorer! There is something similar in Tallinn in the Nõmme way and also in Tallinn in Sõle street.

Oh my goodness, that building has Latvian style! As much as I have seen, these are typical Latvian buildings, not Estonian. It looks Latvian also because of the style of balconies.

Sorry, that's a mistake. Looks like from the second half of 1990's.

Here I reached the end of this block-area and I crossed the street to walk back and see buildings on the other side as well.

I think it's the third 9-floorer, there were no more of them. But all these are just spectacular!

Such a lovely dream of a soviet-time happiness in a smaller city of Estonia...

Unique blocks again. I've never seen something like that!

And that one is unique!

There were some complexes of buildings of 5+4+3-floorers and an additional 2-floorer right next to them, sometimes built later.

Definately the 2-floorer is built later.

Oh, sad that they couldn't make it.

"Maja" means "House".

It was a hot day indeed. I had to cover my head because of sun.

Typical design but here with additions to make the house more natural.

The 2-floorer was behind the trees.

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