Sunday 26 June 2011

033 Pärnu 11.2007 and 08.10.2008

So this is the third biggest city in Estonia - a nice cozy town with a nice beach and old renovated wooden houses from the time of the first Estonian Republic (1920's and later). But block- and brickbuildings were of my interest and here you can see 224 pictures of them, including some streetviews, beach pictures, and modern buildings.

These pictures were done in November 2007.

And now the big trip in 08.10.08. It was a really nice and enjoyable day of October! I have so nice memories from that trip!

So many buildings were renovated.

Marvellous view right next to the cemetery! This road goes to Rīga.

Baltic Sea.

What on earth is that?

One of the best pictures. It's almost as good as 30 years ago...

Funny birds.

I like these new buildings!

Yes, when I turned around there was this view!

They were so funny!

So that's the reality of soviet era - a building not yet renovated. Looks much worse than others but is much more nostalgic than others.

I made a video of this singing bird! It was so funny!

Amazing new architecture! Really, one of the best I've seen in Estonia. It's like the modern beton-brutalism.

Really ambient beach... These clouds...

That was right next to a stadium. Spruces make any view of buildings like from an old fairytale from 60's, at least for me. They are so beautiful, thank God for that!

And that is in the center. A house having a bank (SEB) office in it.

Right next to the previous building. Such a nice one!

Usual bus in Estonia. I'm driving back to Tallinn.

Nice pattern. I'd like to see a building like that.


Estonian landscapes...

I am so happy that the weather was erally nice. And I am also very happy to live in a place where I can enjoy four seasons.

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