Sunday 19 June 2011

028 Zolitūde 04.05.2009

After Imanta I entered a wonderful world! I couldn't imagine that there are so nice blocks in Rīga! I think I've seen just one picture of Zolitūde's building somwehere in the past and I couldn't quite believe that there exist buildings like that in Rīga! And here they are! One of my favourite areas indeed! (98 pictures)

Wonderful view! These buildings were originally built with these colours! Something completely different from blank or gray buildings.

Such a beauty!

Such another beauty!

Hey, this is my favourite structure - a corridor!


I think you could translate the text below the sign just like I can do that. Anyway, when I made that photo one lady from the shop started questioning me in Russian that who am I taking photos of. I can't remember what I said but I was thinking to say "Вам фотографирую!" ("I am taking a picture of you!").

Wow, can you believe that? This is real, yes, I didn't paint that!

Who could tell me what's the name of this bush? It is so beautiful, I've seen that many times. But don't know the name. I even have the artificial plastic twigs like that in my living room!

From the trolley window.

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