Sunday 5 June 2011

024 Ķīpsala (island) and Āgenskalns 03.05.2009

So here a brief view across the river of few higher buildings and some usual buildings.

First different views of the headquarter of Swedbank

Together with Preses Nams.

Now the Preses Nams. I've heard that many people disgust that building. I think it's fine.

And the the other buildings and views in that are. First a monument from soviet era in the Uzvaras park, huge!


Construction of the national library.

How it was under the USSR time and how it is in European Union.

Funny that next year I was hosted in this area so I passed the same school again. This architecture is absolutely awesome! Perfect! So 60's!

This is perfectly beautiful design!

And also this one!

Another construction, this time of twin towers.

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