Friday 24 June 2011

029 Center and Āgenskalns in Rīga 05.05.2009

Today I went to another blockarea but before and after that I walked in the center and in Āgenskalns (90 pictures). I met a Couchsurfing guy over there to have a lunch in a soviet-style eating room or canteen.

I found this vase or lamp or something before I left my host's apartment and it was really nice and nostalgic!

The hall of that house.

Poor cat!

I heard that Rīga is famous for the buildings of this kind. I didn't have any special feeling when I saw them but I certainly did two years later in Vilnius.

I really liked this rare tourist bus - no commercials or ads whatsoever! Just clean pure white.

My favourite bridge again.

TV tower behind that in the island.

In Āgenskalns.

That's the simple still almost soviet-style canteen for local workers. Cheap.

Wow, I had to make picture of this machine - genuine soviet-time technology! Except that switch on the right of course.

That's the eating house outside.

Yea, somewhere in Āgenskalns.

Television building.

Really strange bridge - second level for pedestrians. But really safe - no car accidents with pedestrians and some protection from the rain too.

Oh I like staircases like that! Old, weary.

What on earth is that?

Sinkhole for water. Daugava below that.

And a video from there. That's a very dull and boring video... :-) But I added it because I added the previous picture. But we can make that video interesting. How? Try to imagine this video as the opening scene for a movie and next try to think about what's the movie about. Maybe someone is on the bridge with sad feelings and big problems and that's how it all begins...

Buildings of Ķengarags over the river.

Daugava, a wide river.

Before my trip to Vecmīlgrāvis.

After the trip, walking back to my hosts place.

I really like these buildings!

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