Thursday 9 July 2020

677 Pärnu in February 2020, part 6 of 6

Here are the most amazing photos.
First this brick: this is beton brutalism in bricks, just like Sõpruse pst. 253 and 255 in Tallinn. But this one here is much more original.

The "gap" for 4th floor makes it even better. Just like it is (if I recall it correctly) in Rävala pst. 19 in Tallinn.

And now continuing with Kuldne Kodu (Golden Home).

And also there were other houses that looked more interesting than usual.

So there was the taller part and then the more individual part in front of it.

These individual parts made the whole building even more awesome.

I like that there were parts like this in front of the house.

Another ugly garage-house.

Here it looks slightly better because it is not the most typical garage-house.

The length of both of these houses is about 320 m.

And now the other side.

This looks also very nice. The colours!

Both houses.

Special artistic structures to make the utopia perfect!

Look inside.


So this was Kuldse Kodu 1.

Here I continue walking along with the other one, Kuldse Kodu 5. Thte original plan was to build a 16-storey building between them but for some reason it wasn't realised.

Each entrance different. Also not all was painted outside.

Such an important houses in Estonian architecture and now I saw even more amazing architecture around these buildings.

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