Wednesday 8 July 2020

673 Pärnu in February 2020, part 2 of 6


There's a small traveller.

I found something interesting here.

What was here originally?

There's the architectural glass-contamination. Or virus, if you want.


That's what's here, The Museum of New Art.

Wow, this is also quite something from its era.

This is called Tallinn's Gate.

Very nice tiny shop.

It was much darker than this but my camera has a good Auto-function.

Nice building!

And here are photos of the hotel Estonia there. I didn't know what it was first but I realised it is a big complex of different buildings or different building parts. Right next to a park and not far from the beach.

What a beauty!

Wow! Looking over the sea.

That part on the right was the SPA part but I couldn't take better photos because there were people seen through the window.

So both Tallinn and Pärnu have a building that is called Estonia.

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