Tuesday 7 July 2020

667 Tartu in January and February 2020


Eeden rebuilt: there used to be a 2-storey car park and dark entrance from the first floor of it. An obvious design problem that was finally fixed after all these years (since 2004 or something when this was opened). I remember it was white then.

Signs of wear.

Looks an interesting renovation.

Oh I loved these 9-storey-blocks back then years ago! Because they reminded me of Tallinn and even when I really didn't know what was there in Tallinn exactly.

I saw this first time.

This is also new, there used to be a small cafeteria before. I remember I got the worst tea ever there (herbal tea probably many years old) once in autumn after I had swam in a cold water there. Unforgettable memory for some reason.

A flashing sign.

What a colour that was!



I remember myself admiring this nice building part. I wonder what's inside there and how does it look like. But it is totally unsuitable right next to the old building so maybe it will be demolished one day.

One of the first places for computers in Estonia, J. Liivi 2. The background house, of course.

I saw interesting new houses in this area close to the railway station.

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