Thursday 23 February 2017

540 Kassisaba 18.01.2014, part 3 of 3

And from the diagonally opposite corner:

And from the diagonally opposite corner:

Jakob Westholm Gymnasium.

An attempt to make something new which is not too different from old.

This was the original house of Jakob Westholm Gymnasium, the new one is close by.

Zoomed view towards Tõnismägi.

It turned out that Toompuiestee 27a is also very nice in the backside.

I reached Luise street.

Kaarli church from 1860's.

It was interesting to see these houses from backside too.

I saw that I couldn't walk any more that day because of cold, and I also realised I couldn't walk in all places, so I continued on the very next day.

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