Sunday 19 February 2017

538 Kassisaba 18.01.2014, part 1 of 3

This was a thorough walk in this area where I saw lots of views and buildings that I didn't know (could) exist in Tallinn. Buildings here are barely blocks, more likely from first republic or up to 1950's and then very recent. The weather was very cold, one of the coldest days of that winter, somewhere about -15C to -20C, my fingers were freezing.

Luise street.

Luise 38, a school house (second building of Westholm gymnasium).

View from to the reverse direction... amazing.

This looks weird.

Very interesting and nice too.

Also vey nice.

Tehnika street is behind that block, and railway is next to that street.

"I love yellow socks"

Again something very interesting.

More of these views later. One of the best views here.

Wow, such a beauty!

This is the highrise of this area.

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