Monday 20 February 2017

539 Kassisaba 18.01.2014, part 2 of 3

This house is very lovely. I am glad that there were many buildings of similar type.

One of the most interesting buildings that I found. Looks like a block, but it is very unique. Few more photos below.

I reached Tehnika street again.

This is like a preblock or a block between old and massive amount of new ones.

View over Tehnika street.

The sign says something about making inner yards around houses OK, like fix something, repair, renew, and Tallinn supports this activity financially.

View along Paldiski mnt.

So interesting to see well known houses from a totally different perspecitve.

Also a view from a very different perspective.

New inhabitants.

The nominative would be 'agu' but all the street names in Estonian are changed so that street name represents like the owner of the street, hence 'ao', and this means just early morning. In Tartu, there is a street called Oa, the nominative of it is 'uba', meaning 'bean'. I tried to find this street name from my photos but I couldn't. Maybe I haven't taken it.

More new inhabitants.

Very beautiful house. Belonged to Red Cross or something.

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