Wednesday 17 August 2016

464 Ülejõe and Annelinn 13.07.2014, part 3 of 3

These bricks close to the bridge to market and coach station are very beautiful. They are roughly the last such houses before there is some grass and Annelinn blocks begin (when moving towards Annelinn along Pikk street).

Annelinn seems to begin there.

I didn't know that there are such nice houses in this area.

Another starting point for Annelinn type of houses.

I have never seen such type of building before. Maybe this is unique.

The red sign says this is a school for young DJ's in Tartu.

Something surprising!

I didn't want to go too close because that was more Annelinn part and I knew I didn't have time for that that day. But I had to take at least few photos.

I think this is remarkable.

Wow! That looks just perfect.

Few more photos of Annelinn taken from Pikk street.

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