Sunday 14 August 2016

462 Ülejõe and Annelinn 13.07.2014, part 1 of 3

I realised that I hadn't taken a full "review" of certain part of Annelinn in Tartu so I finally did it. And looking on the map, the majority of this area is actually called Ülejõe ("Over the river", which it really is).

Nostalgic "memories" from 1970's.

View to the centre.

Now I continue walking "up" along Raatuse street. This is a dormitory for students.

Last time I passed this building I saw that those nice patterns on the large rectangle were severly damaged by weather conditions during the past years. They are very nice but sadly poor material was chosen.

Unbelievable what they did with this cinema! Less contrast colours would be much better (and certainly duller to some), but as a whole, it is still better than rundown.

Very beautiful new buildings.

Russian car with Finnish number plate in Estonia.

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