Monday 8 August 2016

460 Karjamaa and Sitsi 17.04.2011, part 1 of 2

I found a new block area here, called Karjamaa (means Pasture -- because it used to be one), as a surprise: I had no idea before that there is something like that here, so Mustamäe-like. It is located in the northern part of Tallinn and has more Russian speaking people. The architecture around this is also mostly Stalinistic and seems like another (Russian) city. When I walk around there I feel like I'm in Russia. Which is in some sense good because I have no idea when I will really go to Russia, if ever.

Former railway which is probably not in use, or if it is then rarely.

View to Paljassaare port.

This tramway is under construction now and not working for quite a while.

There was a plan to build somewhere near here a 200 m tall skyscraper. But so far it has remained a plan only.

The surprising block area is behind this building.

One edge of it along Tööstuse street. Six blocks in a row!

These look similar to Szolnok blocks in Mustamäe, except generally there aren't those those shifts of corridor windows between floors.

How incredibly nostalgic.

There will be more photos of this in the second part.

Peace-dove on the hammer and sickle.


This house is under renovation now as I saw recently.

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