Friday 13 May 2016

435 Naujamiestis 03.05.2011

This area is located close to the coach and railway stations so this was naturally my first place to visit after arriving to Vilnius. The name means New Town (as opposed to Old Town that's right next to it).

Coach station.

This was the first example where I was looking at it and thought how is this possible.

Polish Culture Centre.

Another example of flabbergasting architecture, this time brand new.

So nice. I had never seen such hexagon form before. In Estonia these are always squares.

This is one of the nicest graffitis that I have ever seen. If this is graffiti at all. A piece of art for everybody.

Finnish and Norwegian embassy house.

I know at least one place in Tallinn in the middle of a living district where such similarly looking small area is surrounded by wired fence (prohibiting access but not hiding anything) and has stayed like that at least 10 years, probably over 15. Here I encountered something similar.

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