Saturday 7 May 2016

432 Põltsamaa 27.07.2013, part 1 of 2

Yet another of my long awaited targets in the middle of Estonia.

Very nice. Looks like a few years newer version of another more common one.

This area was right next to the park full of different monuments (and perhaps trees).

Very cozy-looking.

This is another attempt to make the concrete jungle look more enjoyable and livable. I think they succeeded in that.

This is also a variant of another typical block, and this one looks better because of wooden parts.

Tallinn-Tartu road is seen behind. That man is probably Kalevipoeg from national epos of Estonia.

Wow, I have rarely seen this type renovated, maybe this was and is the first time. It looks very good.

I am sure I saw this kind first time.

The other side of it, I think. Most probably a dormitory for the pupils who go to this yellow school.

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