Saturday 7 May 2016

433 Põltsamaa 27.07.2013, part 2 of 2

This one looks like an unseen type.

So simple and beautiful.

Can't remember that I have seen such type before.

This one reminds me bricks from Laagri and is probably from around 1990.

These blocks were built at the end of 1980's or even in the next decade. This one seems unique because of the mosaik.

Rough translation would be "Frolic Woman Pub".

Modern architecture from around 1985-1990 as it looks to me (a cinema). Very interesting and better than I could expect from that time.

That round tower used to be for protection but later was joined with the church. These castle remains are a faint memory of something much bigger from centuries ago. This place itself was so much more important back then and it needed strong fortifications. There's a museum inside and I read about it.

In total, this cozy town had lots of nice architecture and it was very much worth to walk around and have such experience.

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