Tuesday 13 January 2015

330 Lasnamäe in October 2012

I had two very interesting walks in Lasnamäe in two consecutive days in October 2012. I saw some houses for the first time (and also for the last time so far). There are some nice nature shots too, also views to the centre.

That nice new house in the right is the new residence for municipality of Lasnamäe. I have no idea where they were before.

All that fairytale takes place on the limestone!

Some new houses right next to old.

Lasnamäe doesn't have much treese because of thin soil lying on the limestone ground, but there is still something.

That should be a night club.

Nice houses of Vana-Kuuli.

Not quite.

Surrounding, season and weather made it all better this time.

Newer houses at Valge street. They were there already over 6 years ago(see post nr. 58).

Obvious why "Dirigendi maja" ("Conductor House"): it's located right next to Song Festival ground at Narva road. Haven't seen it since then...

New towerblock close to an old one.

I went inside to meet somebody. It was the first time I saw this building.

Views from that building.

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