Tuesday 13 January 2015

329 Lasnamäe 2004-2013, also from sea

Here are some photos since 2005 that I have forgotten to upload before, and some later photos.

2004 or earlier, taken with my analogue camera. I can get bigger photos, but currently I have these.

That house looks really nice. It should be Narva road 128, right next to Song Festival ground, this house looks towards it.

Can't remember where did I took these photos from.

In front is Maarjamäe memorial right next to Pirita way.

New Russian Orthodox church in Lasnamäe is visible, still under construction back then.

All those people seen from here can enjoy the view over the sea and see wonderful sunsets.

The church again.


From a car window at the edge of Lasnamäe (from Peterburi road).

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