Friday 2 January 2015

328 Lasnamäe 06.08.2012, part 2 of 2

My goodness what a nice place that was!


In one of my earlier post (nr. 4) this school house was white. Nice colours now!

I like the two in the right, but the left one has wrong colour combination, they don't suite together like this. I guess there are better ways to use such colours.

I remember my camera was running out of batteries, it stopped taking photos many times already. Still I was in an amazing place and somehow managed to use the last pieces of energy to take these shots.

This place doesn't look good.

Leaving Lasnamäe and going over Pirita river.

I'm not even sure what that was. Maybe some Dodge.

I saw this in the bus when going back home :) Kernel panic!

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