Saturday 29 December 2012

146 Valga 2010, part 1 of 3

Now some pictures of a Southern border town called Valga. It was rainy while I was there to take pictures, unfortunately. That makes the whole city to look a bit more depressive. There are also some few shots that are not exactly brick or block-houses, but I think sometimes it is good to have some like this too in a monotone row of blocks and blocks :) And of course, I took more photos than just these here, but those are more offtopic.


Very interesting example! A typical block house (by architecture), but built of bricks!

Yes, I had to take pictures under my umbrella.

I also put here the brick-houses-having-rectangles from the 19th century (or very early 20th, I don't know).


Inside the majestic pavilion for waiting for a bus or train.

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