Saturday 22 December 2012

136 Sillamäe 2012, part 5 of 6

Continuing the trip on 11.08.12.

Now I entered the older part and hoped to find houses that are present in my favourite movie "Vernanda".

Sillamäe Open Youth Center.

That steeple of a church or something was an inevitable sign that "Vernanda" was filmed here. Both that steeple and the stairs were present in the movie.

I found out later that this building was built in 1950's and is the municipality building of Sillamäe.

This place is seen in the movie too.

Surprise: new soviet-time-houses right next to the old ones!

It is very nice and stylish.

But since it has only one major entrance, it looks like it's a dormitory type of house inside which I certainly don't like.

There were two such places. The one present in the movie was the other one. I just didn't remember this place at all from the movie because it looked like a different place, and was filmed from the upper part.

A cinema.

It means "Fatherland", although it is a feminine word in Russian.

I met a dear friend there. So friendly! I just started petting him, then had a phone call, sat down, petted the cat, later he even sucked my earlobe and twice! It wasn't very busy area although some people passed by. There are more pictures and videos in my cat blog Pisitimbulimbu, post nr. 019.

Isn't he cute? :) Cats are the most lovliest creatures ever!

Very nice wide balconies!

As I read from the Wikipedia, this should be Sõtke river.

Orthodox church and some event there.

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