Sunday 16 December 2012

133 Sillamäe 2012, part 2 of 6

So on the last day when we started coming back from Laagna, I decided to take a special tour in Sillamäe because I had the map with me, the town didn't seem too big and what I already saw two days ago from a car window was just fantastic. Besides, I had a vague hope that my favourite movie "Vernanda" was probably filmed here, at least part of it. It turned out that it really was!

Others went back to Tallinn, I just came out of the car and started a 5-hour walk in Sillamäe!

This is at the edge of the living district, the view is absolutely awesome!

This should be put in Mustamäe too because the green area is de facto a public toilet for dogs.

I couldn't believe my eyes. This looks utmostly cool!

I just stood still and enjoyed this great building for many minutes.

There are three of them!

A closer look of the great one.

Unique houses! I've seen similar buildings more in Latvia and Lithuania, never before in Estonia.


One of the problems with old red brick buildings is apparent here.

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