Wednesday 13 April 2011

012 Mustamäe 22.04.2006

Spring is coming and... it was just so amazingly beautiful! Sunny! With nice blockbuildings around Kaja culture center.

This building is very beautiful!

The culture center of Mustamäe: Kaja. Kaja means "Echo". I know they want to enlarge this building, many years now.

Wonderful view!

I like this art, in the style of 1960's. This is so beautiful and perfect! Sadly it will be removed when it will be renovated... That's really sad. There is at least one example in some forthcoming posts where they had preserved the picture/patter - by repainting it. But that is not that. Materials are so different.

This is actually in between Mustamäe and Väike-Õismäe.

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