Tuesday 12 April 2011

009 Kristiine 05.03.2006

So, this is the Kristiine part of my trip in 05.03.2006, the Mustamäe part is post 007. These buildings and Mustamäe buildings are separated with an area of low private houses, 2 or 3 busstops. I quite like these buildings, this area is like a continuation of Mustamäe, although it contains buildings which are also present in Lasnamäe and Väike-Õismäe. And there are unique blockbuildings as well.

The backside of this building.

Lots of these in Väike-Õismäe and Lasnamäe. This is a very long building, some 10-12 doors or so, I think it is Välja street (Field street).

A typical school, renovated though.

That's unique: 9 floors and windows on the side.

This one reminds also Väike-Õismäe.

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