Saturday 2 April 2011

008 Keldrimäe

This time I'll show you some pics of a small blockbuilding area in the central part of Tallinn. I think it's small because it's in the center. It is called Keldrimäe. The direct translation could mean something like "The hill of a basement" (coined by myself), or more precisely by Wikipedia, "Cellar Hill's".


01.07.2006. My beloved "skyscrapers" (Swissotel) are being built.

05.08.2006 before renovation.

23.05.2009 after renovation.

24.12.2006 view from Tartu road.

15.06.2010. I made a small trip to this area. This building, unique in Tallinn I think, is very beautiful. It reminds me concrete brutalism of 70's in UK.

Hotel Olümpia seen from Keldrimäe. It was built for Olympic events in 1980.

Swissotel seen from Keldrimäe.

Swissotel seen from Keldrimäe.

Some newer buildings in Liivalaia street, seen from Keldrimäe.

This is also a view from one of these buildings over there. Finnish gulf.

That's the building in Tartu road I made the picture in 24.12.2006 from.

Interesting view! In the center there is a typical Keldrimäe building, on the left we can see a newer grey building far far away in Pirita road (2,9 km away), on the right we see a far far away TV tower (8,3 km away) and also a newer white building in the edge of Lasnamäe (3,1 km away). I calculated the distances using Google Earth 5.2.1.

I don't like the roof of this brown building, it is too different from the other buildings around. And I don't like the style as well.

28.01.2011 I made this picture in Radisson Blu hotel, some 23rd or 24th level.

I'll add some pictures made by another guy, Eero, probably in 2007 or so. These were done from the top of the Swissotel building.

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