Saturday 26 November 2011

055 Saru lauatehas 12.07.11

Another small place. Actually, it looks like it's an industrial village that consists of the industrial buildings, one office building and one blockbuilding for the workers. It is called "Saru lauatehas" which is hard to translate, but it is a special kind of a factory where some forest trees will be taken in and they produce well cut straight-edged long pieces of wood that one can use for building a house, a floor, roof etc. It is located in the middle of forests, right next to the Valga-Võru road, just before Valga county border. I have deep memories with that place, although I think I've visited it only once or at most twice as a child, with my grandfather then. I mostly remember it as a place where I could never get because it was slightly too far from Hargla to get there by myself, but I saw it every time when we visited our grandparents in Hargla. This time there, on my bicycle, a small boy was there, probably lonely and we chatted a bit!

The first picture is a bit funny because 'vau' is Estonian version of English 'wow' :-)

Probably the office building, one of the big buildings there.

And the block, probably one and only, the office building is some 100 meters forward from it.

The design of this is pretty much unique again! This place is so small overall that even the local shop is in the same building. Or was, I don't know.

The backside. There is forest on the right.

And the edge.

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