Thursday 27 April 2023

755 Tallinn's Old Town 2021-2022


Views to far away Lasnamäe as well.

Kiek in de Kök cannon tower.





I participated in an organised event by History Museum: a walking tour in that building, including the attic. From there I got these views that one usually don't see. Historian Ivar Leimus made the tour.

Backside of this building.

A very interesting walking tour in Stalinist buildings in the Old Town by Karin Paulus. That was another organised event during Tallinn Old Town Days (Tallinna Vanalinna Päevad) which takes place at the end of spring (in the beginning of June) every year for decades by now.

First inside the Russian Cultural Centre building.

I like this view a lot, it's like in a Soviet-time factory.

Some of the decorations are obviously Soviet but there's a lot of much older Greek/Roman architecture present in these buildings: something that's 2000+ years old. Like these squares in the ceiling and the detailed ornaments. So the old things were used quite nicely and then the local symbolism was added in various ways.

This is hotel Rixwell today but it used to be a sewing factory or something like that. The building itself is older but it was heavily renovated in Stalinist era.

In the inner court.

In one of the hotel rooms.

Sõprus cinema was our next destination, right next to the previous building. This we looked only outside.

Here are symbolistic decorations for various important fields of everyday life back then, easily recognisable.

This building was important so even the backside was nicely done, unlike many other cinemas in other places.

The house of writers.

Lastly we entered this building.

This used to be an office building in Soviet time and here we saw these old chairs, very nostalgic.

Such a beauty is hidden in the inner court!

And here's a better view outside of the last building.


That's the view that is being protected, the view from the sea and over the bay.

At the edge part.