Monday 26 June 2017

583 London and Luton 25.06.2016

Few more photos from this trip, from the bus again.

This place was probably close to Alexandra Estate because I saw a house like that there.

Example from the road.

This one, probably a hotel, doesn't look very nice. It looks like a soviet-time commieblock that has been renovated :)

Nice tower.

582 Bath 24.06.2016

Bath is visible over there.

Houses were so similar because the town was built in Georgian time.

This was our main place to see.

Few views from inside. This is naturally warm water, the only such place in England (maybe even in the whole island). Of course, this is where Bath got its name from. It is a whole museum, I only show photos of exterior parts here.

We were told that the world's first envelope with a stamp was sent from Bath to London, and that building was also along the road, possibly around this area (I didn't take a photo of it).

Everything I saw was old, except this very interesting building ahead. They have used the colour of other buildings!