Tuesday 30 June 2015

372 Ihamaru 08.05.2015

This place with a strange name had so many blocks!

Local school, I think.

Backside of the school as seen from the passing road (Põlva-Saverna).

So typical in Southern Estonia, and so nice.

I went to see that house, house of Kõlleste parish council, and found another area of blocks that I could have missed easily.

Very beautiful and enjoyable.

I missed one house here because there were two older ladies talking in front of it and in such cases I usually won't take a photo.

371 Erastvere 10.05.2015

There is a small village right next to Kanepi. Since I saw a nice yellow Soviet-time house here from Kanepi, I decided to come and see closer. I visited a camping place that is located in a nice park, and then saw a pathway going somewhere further, roughly in the direction I wanted to go. I kept going until I reached that same yellow house. There were many people outside, walking around, sitting. Then I realised that this is an Institution. I took few photos of the very beautiful and nicely renovated and painted house (leaving people out of pictures as I always try to do), then left the house surrounding from the other side, and then I saw many warning signs that it is not permitted to stay in the area of this Institution. I'm not sure why. Anyway, there were no such signs on the other side where I came from, at least I didn't notice any. Actually I wished to see the inside architecture of this house too, I think it was fantastic, but I was sure I wouldn't be permitted so I didn't even try.

There was one other block right next to this house so I went to see that one too.

Such a small place but one of my strangest visits.

370 Aarna 08.05.2015

There is a small village called Aarna not far from Põlva. It has a very classical collection of bricks and blocks, up to two floors in this case.

Sunday 28 June 2015

369 Saaremaa in May 2015

A place called Salme, at the "beginning" of Sõrve peninsula.

On the way to the south of peninsula.

This is at the southmost part, Sõrve säär, just 30-40 km from Latvia over sea. Because of sudden fog, Latvia was not visible.

Two natural pictures too.

Waves came from two sides: Liivi bay from the left and Baltic Sea from the right. So this is the very southmost part of Saaremaa island.

Later the fog started disappearing.

Sort of military museum. There is a household right next to it and we saw a fox living there with people.

On the way back north.