Sunday 17 February 2013

159 Raadi-Kruusamäe and Ülejõe in Tartu

I entered the more blockish area and found nice blocks that I've seen in other parts of Tartu before, certain 3/2/3/2/3-type buildings.


After renovation.

This is a beauty plus time travel of a higher level... There are similar in Laagri (right next to Tallinn).


I've never seen such renovation colour or material.

Nice unique houses!

I've been inside of this one: it's a national health insurance building or something.

A students' dormitory of one of the universities, 1.6 km away.

Now I walk on Ujula street.

My dear friend, I'll meet you next time! Seniks aga üks õhu-pai...

Totally new to me, I haven't seen this before.

Look to the other side of the street.

Ujula itself (swimming pool).

This is just great! I am so sorry that I didn't take a photo of this before renovation. Nothing special, actually, plain white bricks, but this very place reminded to me like I am somewhere in Russia. Not anymore.

Wild drivers in early morning...

Entirely... a time travel!

Old-time rectangles.

I'll do a separate post about the Narva road dormitories that are on the other side of the street here.