Saturday 21 December 2019

653 Kalamaja in February 2019

This is the backside of a building at Kotzebue 5. I think this is one of the best photos I have ever taken of a building: this sunlight, these colours...

I visited this new shopping centre first time. It was very nice inside and looks good also outside.

View to another area from a distance: Noblessneri quarter.

Another great shot today. Just like with the first photo, one may easily fall back to 1950's. These two are like time-travelled-photos from now to the past: old look, today's digital photo quality.

We walked along Kalaranna street.

This long piece of art caught my attention.

Camera tricks followed.

Rand villad: I don't understand though why they use the word 'villa' here. As by Estonian, villa is something unique and luxurious ( and not an apartment-building like this.

Inside the Patarei prison.

In Noblessneri area. The huge very cool and dark hall is almost gone! Photos of this are in my previous post from Kalamaja, nr. 621 from 30.03.19 (photos from October 2018).

Sunday 8 December 2019

652 Sihva 2018

These are further away on the way to Kääriku.

I have passed this place so many times in the past but this time I decided to really go in and take photos of these bricks and blocks. The weather was nice and enjoyable: it was winter, there was snow and it was grey.

South-Estonian dream.

These colours...