Wednesday 30 November 2011

057 Mustamäe in September 2006

So another thread of the wonderful and amazing Mustamäe, the best place on earth to live in :-) It was still my first year in Tallinn!...

Views from my windows.

Very nice buildings in Vilde way, opposite the Lehola busstop.

On Sõpruse avenue.

Strange airplane that I caught that day...

The old cross of four streets that doesn't exist in this form anymore.


That should be the cross of Tammsaare way and Mustamäe way.


In the tower of Oleviste church. My mother called me while I was there and told me that we have new president now (Toomas Hendrik Ilves, and he still is). Mustamäe is seen in the center far away (right to the chimney), Väike-Õismäe towers begin on the right side of the picture.

I saw a squirrel!

Isn't that fantastic? Ehitajate (Builders') way.

And when I turned around, the view was like this. Today, this is also rebuilt with traffic lights.

One of the best views ever!

Also some nature, Mustamäe is not just blocks but a lot of nature as well.


Sunday 27 November 2011

056 Põlva 2007

Photos from one of the county capitals from Southern Estonia--Põlva! A city which I know or at least knew very well, I have lived there as a kid for 6 months. I have lots of memories with some areas. There are some hidden corners where I haven't been yet though.

This one is probably the only one like that. There are many of such in Võru, the neighbouring city.

In the same area. Very typical blocks of smaller quieter cities in Estonia.

I made a special photo-tour in Põlva and Võru in this day, here is Põlva. First some general streetviews from the bus window that arrives from Võru.

The coach station.

And off we go.

This one was empty for many years and it was (re)built only recently.

Local hotel at least since 90's.

The hospital, I've been inside here several times, as a kid.

A place for the new shopping center close to the coach station, finished by now.

The coach station outside.

One of the best commieblock pictures I have ever done. Or, just the place is so special. At the very edge of Põlva, there are these blocks and one can see over fields from the window.

These are newer, from the beginning of 1990's.

An oldie from 70's, I think.

That should be one of the local high schools.

The county government building.

Believe it or not, this is a cultural house! I think that the end of 80's or beginning of 90's really was the worst time in architecture. Everything was so depressing that it was reflected also in architecture. But as a sign of the ideas or lack of them is still interesting to see even today. I've been inside several times.

Back in the center. The park on the right has been changed considerably in the past years.

Former grocery ("Kajakas" ("Seagull") if I recall it right), now something else.

This is a lonely one.

Now I entered another block area where I have lived and which I know very well.

I remember buying Turbo chewing gum from this kiosk (for the car pictures, of course, the taste was good too), it was turned 90 degrees facing the street back then.

There was a new shop in this one, in the basement.

I can almost remember when this one was being built.

And I remember the building of this one.

So these two were the latest additions to this blockarea. There is a forest behind my back here.

I lived in this house, actually my uncle did.

Pretty abstract, isnt't it?

So nice and abstract again!

There are more blocks in Põlva, but I haven't made a photo-tour there yet. I will.