Saturday 12 September 2015

382 Vana-Vastseliina / Vana-Vahtsõliina 30.07.2014

Interesting that this place having half of the name meaning "new", has a neighbour that was once "old", and if not at the beginning then at least later the old part was also named after the new one, so Vana-Vastseliina or local / Võro version Vana-Vahtsõliina means "old new town", that is, old part of the new town or something like that. It's definately smaller but it has its old castle ruins. I didn't plan to visit this place but my hostess suggested me after hearing that I will visit Vahtsõliina.

This is strange. I rarely see houses like that in Estonia. Maybe it is from 1940's or so, something that was very modern then?

This was probably another one.

Very typical 1960's. Those little windows were usually for bathroom and toilet (not water toilet btw.).

381 Vastseliina / Vahtsõliina 30.07.2014

Vahtsõliina is the Võro, or local old name of the town. Both versions mean "new town". At some point in the past, it certainly was new.

This is the local school in very beautiful colours.

Peaceful and beautiful.

The woman on the windowsill told me it was recently painted.

I accidentally found another, "modern" block-area.

Typical for Southern Estonia.

Such panels are from the beginning of 1990's.

There are houses like that in Põlva, also in Otepää and Tartu.

Another "ultratypical" for Southern Estonia.

I think concrete balcony borders are not that common in this area.

Very beautiful colour combination overall.

On the way out.

This was probably one of the dreams of 1970's.

This one was a single one in the very border of Vastseliina or even outside of it.