Tuesday 8 November 2011

044 Viljandi 22.07.2011, part V of V

The final part of Viljandi. I walked back to the center and captured many different blocks and other interesting buildings.

Local theater "Ugala". That architecture for thaters is typical for soviet time. There is a similar "Vanemuine" in Tartu.

Already in Männimäe I heard some loud rock music and I was thinking who on earth is listening to music so loud? Which apartment is the music coming from? Here, about 1 kilometer forward I heard the music even louder. It turned out that there was a big party or something. There are tents on the left of this building and on the rightside of the street in front of it. Unfortunately I don't like rock music. I think the whole city had to listent to that. If it were some electronics, drum and bass, or jazz, then I would have gone closer to the music.

That is also typical soviet-time invention to build something completely different right next to an older building. It's not nice. They are both nice when separated.

Usually I don't capture churches but this one was really nice.

I reached the very center now.

"Ürgses rütmis" means "In the ancient rhythm". "Turismiinfokeskus" is just "Tourist information center".

The back side of the previous building.

That was amazing! It looked so old, even ancient!

There are not only blockbuildings but also these.

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