Thursday 25 November 2021

748 Pärnu 17.06.2021, part 3 of 3

 Very nice and unique building.

And the front side. I've seen such in other places too but not with just one entrance but two or more.

Walking along Vana-Sauga street to Jannseni street.

Vana-Pärnu (Old-Pärnu) is on the other side of the river, that's for another time.

This is Jannseni street going back to Tallinna mnt.

This looks strange: looks like relatively new but the lower parts of those corner windows look very weary.

I should visit those blocks too next time.

The right ad has been replaced as mentioned in the previous posts.

The side of the theatre...

... and the back side of it.

This is one of the most amazing buildings in Pärnu, I can't pass this without taking a shot.

This big Estonia complex is also fascinating every time.

This house at Supeluse 25 was somehow special/older than others and it had an explanatory sign behind the gate. More information here. Built in 1857.

This one was built in 1927, it is called Pärnu Mudaravila. Now having a new hotel in the back part.

The same view from the ground from almost the same place looked like this:

It is evident that from higher place (even little higher) more is visible (more water, more trees) so I don't agree with those who say the earth is flat and not round. The analogy is clear: take a ruler about 50 cm long which is slightly bent so that it doesn't give a straight line but slightly bent line when drawing: if one looks at this from the side it is impossible to see the small bending (curvature) but when you look along the length of the ruler the bending becomes visible and that's the same thing seen above. I even derived a formula h=R-(R+H)*COS{(D/R)-ARCSIN(SQRT(2RH+H^2)/(R+H))} using elementary trigonometry (which agreed with online calculators which I didn't trust) so that I could verify the claims made by my friend who believes the earth is flat but I eventually realised that it is a belief and nothing else and it doesn't make any sense to try to change somebody's belief, even if they claim their belief has been proved (I proved the opposite). I also realised that this thing is an example of a phenomenon that if somebody wants to prove white is black or black is white then using clever words they can do that and persuade anybody, unless certain other facts are considered that the persuader does not think about, does not care about, does find unimportant or even wants to avoid (eg very simple things like the sun sets and the night is dark) etc. Two different worlds and realities! Maybe even more than two. But nevertheless, I like long distance views and open views anyway, despite of what some people think about it. When seeing it somewhere I often remember my conversations about it.

Now walking to the coach station along Aia street.

Some architecture of a special kind, looks like late eighties. Tammsaare pst. 6.