Monday 31 October 2016

490 Elva 25.12.2015

I decided to take a longer trip to other blocks in this October-looking day but at least I saw them first time in full.

I'm sure this used to be red. These colours are much better. It is also a unique-looking one: two blocks, almost unique, but the entrance is in another part that's in between them.

This is very special. There's not much that kind of architecture of soviet-time technical sovhoz-buildings.

Local school.

Also in that autumn there were so many apples everywhere, as it looks like from this photo.

Another example of (once) technical building which has extra architectural details.

Wow, heart-warming :)

Here I reached yet another small block area right next to the centre of town.

This house was so orange that my camera's automatic regime switched to sunny day regime :)

That one looks cool.

Very interesting house.

Now I'm walking along the main street.

I was happy: my way back to Tartu was IMPRESSive, that is, impressionist, but thankfully in the bus.