Monday 21 November 2011

048 Mustamäe in July and August 2006

As a continuation of the previous post I add the rest of the pictures of Mustamäe in summer 2006.


In Siili there are a bit different blocks, actually bricks, than the rest: red! There will be more pictures of Siili (Hedgehog) area in the future.

Tammsaare way.

Extraordinary views from Sõpruse avenue! They started building Mustamäe from this area in the beginning of 1960's.

Tallinn Technical University's Library is visible behind the trees. Such a nice building! And so cozy inside.

A better picture of library.

Right next to a sports hall.

On Ehitajate way.

Kinda hotel.

Vilde way. Amazing view towards Sõpruse avenue!

A unique building on Vilde way.

That was view from my window back then. Just amazing.

And turning right:

This has been renovated by now. I recorded the noise and sound of the demolition of windows for 3 hours and used that to make an experimental music track later.

Such a nice composition!

Tammsaare way.

View of the hospital from Tondi street.

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