Monday 21 November 2011

047 Mustamäe 02.07.06

I made first pics from a fantastic place right next to Mustamäe, from the middle of forest where there is an empty area full of sand. The sand is everywhere but this place is just empty for some unknown reason to me. The hill itself has been called Mustamägi (Black mountain) and that's where Mustamäe got it's name from.

Now I walked a bit and Väike-Õismäe, the block area next to Mustamäe, is also visible--red towerblocks belong there.

And the sea is visible too.

Now the stitched panoramas.

I see this building from my balcony. It was a building having the purpose of something that might not be easy to understand--building for an institution which dealt with the rising of qualification and skills. Not bad, but why on earth they needed such a big building for that? Today it is hotel "Hermes". I like that building a lot.

Genuine art from 1980's (I suppose).

Now, turning around, I see the big white hospital, also visible from my balcony.

The children's hospital right next to the big white one. Amazing colours and patterns!

So nice colours!

This view is gone now--the street has been rebuilt and this turn-back place does not exist anymore.

And this turning-left place does not exist after the rebuilding of the whole cross of Sõpruse avenue, Vilde way (straight) and Sütiste way (on my back, like the other half of Vilde way). Strangely enough, what we see here is the beginning of Vilde way, but the numbers of houses start from 50 or 60 or something like that. I think Sütiste way was once just the first part of Vilde way.
Anyway, this was like that for years, probably decades. And became a constant traffic congestion point. Only public transport was allowed to turn left in the little part that is in front of me. The rest of the cars had to turn right first and the turn back in the place that is seen two pictures above. And there were little traffic lights.

Magistral shopping center ( Under reconstruction and expansion at the moment. I really like these pines! This is so Tallinn! And, besides, the name of this webpage in the time of this writing,, is also influenced by the idea of being right next to a highway or heavy-traffic-road/street. Magistral shopping centre is in the cross of two main streets in Mustamäe--Sõpruse avenue and Tammsaare way, also Vilde way and Sütiste way are right next to it, but they have somewhat less traffic because they are not parts of drive-through streets.

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