Saturday 31 March 2018

594 Pirita 2017

This building has got a new look. It used to be pink in the past and even more, it's totally renewed inside as well. Parallel photos of the past are in my post nr. 476 from spring 2012, posted at 10.10.16.

It used to look like this:


Also from the post nr. 476, the above looked much worse for many years, probably after a big storm in 2004 or later, even in 2012 and further on:

This is a change I came to see: former straight coast was "turned" to left here and some land was claimed from the sea.

The sporting centre part (public entrance) of Pirita SPA hotel. Fascinating beton-brutalist style from the end of 1970's.

My favourite building in this area.

From bus window on the way back to the centre: new beauties along Pirita tee.

Saturday 24 March 2018

593 Kristiine 2017



Photos of houses that are close to Räägu street. Starting from Mustamäe tee and finishing at Sõpruse pst. First, a nice soviet time house for children and others to learn different things.

Somewhere here to the backside they plan to add a new part.

View of neighbouring houses.

Massage school.

A low small-town-block between Rahumäe tee and Retke tee.

New tower in the middle of Seebi (Soap) street blocks.

View along Vabaõhumuuseumi tee in Haabersti.

The same building close. New building of Telia.

Sõpruse pst.