Monday 7 November 2011

039 Harku 27.08.2011

Something newer too. I made a nice bicycle trip about 40 km and when I came back I had a very good chance to make pictures of buildings in Harku, a little place right next to Tallinn.

Isn't that nice?

And that's even nicer!

The backside of the same building.

Oh I like this style! I see versions of this building in different places. It is twice as good as just a blank flat grey wall brick building as you can see two pictures above.

And the backside of it, which is not that nice at all, but somehow very Russian and old-60's-looking.

That's really stylish!

Kinda scientific building as I read from the map.

The above building was probably like this one right next to it.

Strange coincidence. I showed these pictures to that girl I made this bicycle trip with and the similarity here with her is amazing: same-looking bike, no back "platter", same amount of clothes, similar look, same black helmet, same grey "shirt". She also found that this is exceptionally similar to her. When I saw that girl in the above picture I felt a bit strange because we split just 5 minutes ago and I thought, why is she coming back already? But it was somebody else... Maybe a ghost after all, who lives in that building behind her.

I didn't see the fence when I made the picture because I didn't have my glasses on. I discovered that this building belongs to the Harku prison later at home. They took an ordinary living house (like the pink house right next to it in the next picture) and turned that into a prison! Actually, why not? Reminds a normal living place much more than a specially built prison.

This is just classic. I really like this covering and architecture (it's a bus stop).

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