Saturday 29 September 2012

112 Mustamäe in April and May 2010

Spring views in Mustamäe! Spring is always good news.

Snow is melting away! This process is one of the most amazing things to watch and experience around me.

We are at the edge of Mustamäe.

This is one of the greatest areas in Mustamäe. Four 9-floorers in a row. The building far away was built in 2005 I think.

The building far away was built in 1990's.

Snow melting together with rain! Definately the best time of the whole year for me! Actually I enjoy it so much that I shouldn't have added anything verbal to it.

Morning sun from my kitchen window.

Nice spring day.

A sudden snowfall!

This is one of the nicest videos I've taken in Mustamäe. Shot from the window of bus nr. 36. It starts from Väike-Õismäe (see post nr. 117 for that video), then goes through Mustamäe and Nõmme and then heads toward centre. Here is the Mustamäe part, ending at Tehnikaülikool busstop, the next stop being already in Nõmme.

And a nice small part seen from a bus nr. 10's window, from Tehnikaülikool to almost Liivaku.

One of the most amazing views from the entire Mustamäe!

Some nice views from the 9th floor.

And zoomed in views. Old town is visible with at least four higher churches and Tall Hermann.

That far away building resides in Pärnu road.

These views are meant only for the chosen few...

The black building resides in Pärnu road.

The black building resides in Pärnu road.

Northern-Estonian Regional Hospital (in white).

Panoramas, not zoomed first.

And 12x zoomed panorama, much bigger.

The hall in that 9-floorer. Or is it called a corridor? A stair-hall? I am not sure. It is 'trepikoda' in Estonian.

A nice spring walk in Mustamäe way. Mustamäe begins right here.

The highest in Mustamäe, 17 floors, at the corner with Tammsaare way.

Isn't it just gorgeous?

View along Vilde way, so beautiful!

One of the most fantastic zoom-in views of Mustamäe: along Vilde way. The huge 9-floorer with 8 halls is amazing. But I dream it were twice higher...

One of the latest additions to Mustamäe on the left. Very nice composition of three entirely different blocks.

Thursday 27 September 2012

111 Mustamäe from January to March 2010

I continue now with pictures of snowy Mustamäe and also how the snow melts away in March. In 2010 this time.

That's how the new year began. It was beautiful, with an optical effect in the sky (a pillar, pretty common in winter).

In front of my house. There was a lot of snow in that winter! This one here has been shovelled into a pile.

In that day and perhaps a day before and after as I remember, a strange light fog filled the city which caused extraordinary nice frost on trees few days later. I was very surprised of such a fog because I've never seen it in winter before. I would understand it if the temperature were above zero but it was about -10 or so.

Yea, that's what I saw, no effects.

Closer trees are clear, farther objects are blurred.

12 times zoomed in view along Sõpruse avenue from the cross of five streets in Endla street.

This is amazing!

And this one, as on the previous picture, is actually a halo that was there just right in front of my eyes! A pillar this time. It was glittering because ice crystals just moved around in the air, without any wind.

A video that I did in that particular day from the bus because it was exceptionally beautiful:

And coming back home. Another wonderful world.



Männi park

A video about glittering ice crystals forming a pillar, from my open kitchen window. It was -16 C.

Recently renovated house in Akadeemia way.

View from the window of Siili pub, right after our company's winterdays.


A halo from the morning. The upper entanglement is somewhat more visible this time. So there are actually two halos visible, formed by two different ice crystals.

As you can see, snow didn't melt away and continued to come down from the sky... Compare with the pictures above from 09.01.10. It had to be piled up like this, otherwise parking in front of the house would be impossible.

A month later, the snow starts melting... And spring arrives!!!!!!!!!! It is just amazing.

A brand new building at the very edge of Mustamäe.