Thursday 28 April 2016

430 Paldiski in 30.08.2015 plus nature and comparisons with older photos

Few more photos of Paldiski with some nature photos too. Since this is a small town, it is easy to make comparisons to older photos.

In 08.09.07, post 281, this house looked like this:

And 06.05.12, post 284:

Back to 2015. This is also new building, and the street that goes right is new.

In 08.09.07, post 281, it looked like this (from the farther side):

Back to 2015. I have photos of this already in post 284 and 285 (06.05.12).

But for comparison, from post 282, 30.09.07:

And from post 281, 08.09.07:

Back to 2015.

In 08.09.07 that wall looked nicer:

Back to 2015.

I was surprised to see this because that facade was probably the most run down in town.

06.10.07 it looked like this, post 283:

More closely from 08.09.07, post 281:

And from post 286, 06.05.12:

Back to 2015.

This school used to look like this (post 286, 06.05.12), much nicer in my opinion, at least by colours:

Back to 2015.

Finally some nature photos which I took many more than these here.

When arriving by train, one may see something like this.
This light house is located at the end of peninsula, I think this is one of the symbols of Paldiski.

From the coastal area.

429 Mammaste 16.07.2015

These are photos of Mammaste, a bordering village of Põlva. I had always thought that these blocks, visible when arriving from Tartu, are part of Põlva but no.

It was nightclub and it may still be, it's multifunctional anyway.

These are the blocks at Mammaste tee/way.

There are such in Tartu, in Tammelinn. Looks original. All these look very nice and posh. This type of blocks is obviously an attempt to make something that does not look like part of a concrete jungle.

One of the weirdest street names: Keldrikaela tee, which means Basement-neck way.