Monday 25 August 2014

267 Põlva in 2013


I guess rain made it look worse :)

There's the sunlight!

You can see how this house used to be in the previous post. These colours are nice, but they are too bright. I prefer the original colour solution: brownish grey.

These two look pretty unique and beautiful. This is really stylish, nice architecture.

The other side is rather common.

The sign of "Põlva Piim" is gone now. It was probably the biggest factory there during decades. I have been inside of this house and the milk-related smell there wasn't very enjoyable.

The sign says now it is a print house.


The new waiting platform in train station.

Today I went to see a smaller block-area which I just forgot in previous times.
  Front side.

Looks unique.

This house also looks unique! And very beautiful.


Another unique.

Former cinema house has been turned into a nightclub (in the centre).