Tuesday 22 March 2016

416 Kopli 01.05.2015

Some photos of Kopli. We visited this place and more specifically an area where I hadn't been before. Pelguranna street between Pelguranna and Kopli. A former cemetery, now park, is on the right.

Sirbi (Sickle) street. As one might guess, Vasara (Hammer) street is nearby, at the end of this street.

Pelguranna blocks at the Stroomi beach.

Rocca al Mare buildings in front and then Väike-Õismäe buildings behind them over the Kopli bay.

Impressive roof.

I don't know the name of the park but this should be around Kaluri (Fisherman) street.

Something from 50's. These trams were rebuilt for technical work.


As I read, this almost abandoned and burnt down area was finally bought last year and will be made anew.