Tuesday 24 May 2011

019 Purvciems 02.05.2009

Now after the post 018 and some pictures, this is the first real tour why I went to Rīga in the first place. Enjoy Purvciems and first 132 pictures of it!

Wow! That is something! I've never seen buildings like that in Estonia! They look like monster-commieblocks!

But I like their uniqueness anyway!

These buildings look nice. They were originally nice! They have colours!

A unique commieblock again.

That looks almost horrible.

These look newer! Massive!

What a nice and idyllic view! :-)

That was on the right behind the fence.

This is gorgeous! How unique this building is, how nice the tree in blossoms, how nice the grass, and how nice the wall! Any building with the facade filled with balconys is very nice!

My dear friends walking on the street...

Weird building in the background. Weird dog in the foreground.

Mind the baclonys - unique architecture again!

Nice area right next to Rimi. The Rimi house is also nice and modern.

This view is amazing! So enjoyable! So perfect!

Amazing views again! It is pretty similar to the view in Lasnamäe in J. Smuuli street.

There were brand new building in the middle of old.

This was like part of it. Ahh, et least they tried... but succeeded years later.


Even though the renovated buildings above look nice, I still think these are better! Gray-green combination, so beautiful, and through all seasons.

Uhh, a monster again!

View from Pļavnieki.

View from another part of Pļavnieki (close to Dreiliņi).

So this is it for today. I am so happy that I could visit this wonderful world of commieblocks in Rīga! There are many others to come... Stay tuned :-)